HDR Photography

High Dynamic

The below images are an example of High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR). HDR is achieved by combining multiple shots at different shutter speeds.

The above bracketed images are taken so that the over and under exposed areas of the images are all exposed correctly at some point.

The below panorama is the result of the blended combination of the above images. We’ve exaggerated the HDR effect to better show the High Dynamic Range of the panorama.

We try to use HDR phtoography for all of our scenes. The goal is to keep the image looking as real as possible while at the same time making sure that the colors, exposure, contrast and dynamic range are pushed to the very max without loosing that touch of reality.

As you can see by the examples above, HDR photography has a dramatic effect on images. We strive for excellence in the virtual tour industry and realize that our clients would expect nothing less.

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