Background Audio

Selecting the right background audio for a scene can make all the difference in the world. With over a million audio sounds in our database we are able to easily match the scene with audio which makes the experience that much better.


Narration is a great way to introduce your scene to the viewer. It enables us to direct the viewers attention to a given point in the scene or just to give a little bit of background to what they are looking at.

Embedded Video

Embedded video is a great way to add a marketing piece to your tour. As an example, the scene may have a t.v. screen. We can embed your marketing video directly into the t.v. screen within the tour as if it were really there.

Live Panorama Video

Live panorama is video that is taken during the actual photo shoot of your establishment. The video is embedded into the same spot it shot within the scene. In the example you would see the fish swimming in the fish tank.

Social Media

Share, share share share, like like, like. Let’s face it, social media works. Our social media feature allows the user to share your tour on a number of different social media platforms.

360 Video Scene

Try video above!! 360 scenes are taken with a 360 camera. 360 video allows the viewer to pan around the video while it’s playing. This is great for events, walk-throughs or anything that has a lot of action that we would like to incorporate into the tour.


PDF’s can be added anywhere within your tour with a downloadable link. As an example, a viewer could click on a restaurant menu within the tour which would enable the viewer to download your entire menu in pdf format.


A link (hyperlink) is a link that connects to a page, file, video, or really anything you can think of over the internet. Linking to content “outside” the tour is a good way to ensure that you always have up-to-date information within the tour.

Interactive Images

Interactive images allow you to showcase an object within the scene. As an example; A painting on the wall is clicked on and the painting pops off the wall to be viewed in the center of the screen.